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Implementing a staggered attendance policy

Keep Calm and Carry On

Wednesday 1st April 2020

A simple but effective change to keep people safe…

Now would be a great time to reduce the queue of people around your company’s attendance points by slightly modifying people’s start and finish times.

Under your instruction, the timeware support team can temporarily modify your company work patterns during this time of crisis to assist with social distancing.

Implementing a staggered attendance policy

For example, we could extend your 6am to 2pm shift to include 6:05am to 2:05pm and 6:10 to 2:10pm patterns.  We could then split your shift workers into teams and allocate them to the updated patterns.

All this work can be completed remotely and with absolutely no cost to your business.

Call timeware support today to discuss implementing a staggered attendance policy on +44(0)1706 658222.

If anyone needs to speak to me directly, please do not hesitate to call on +44 (0) 7802 351000.

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