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Dashboard designer

At last, you can now create your own dashboards!

Included in timeware® Professional 2021 is a brand-new application called Dashboard Designer which gives you access to an amazing array of tools enabling you to display data in graphs, charts and gauge formats. The dashboards you design can be saved and accessed through another new application, the Dashboard and Report Viewer. Remember that the Viewer can run on PCs that do not have the full timeware® application installed.

Dashboards may contain information from a number of sources, not just the timeware® SQL database. The designer allows the consolidation of multiple data sources including JSON, OLAP, CSV, .XLSX and Federated database systems into a single dashboard. Obtaining information from multiple resources provides the developer with the tools to produce detailed dashboards containing the most important information. The timeware® dashboard designer is based around the DevExpress Extra Dashboard technologies. This application is designed to be used by people with basic coding experience.

We will be releasing free dashboards at regular intervals over the next twelve months.