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Dave Webb - Implementation Specialist

Dave with Darren Howarth from Stanley Security Solutions.

Dave Webb - Implementation Specialist

Dave Webb

Implementation Specialist

This is the first in a new ‘who’s who’ series, revealing the background story to ‘front-line’ members of the timeware® team.

In this article we talk about one of the more familiar ‘timeware®- faces’, Dave Webb!

timeware® Dave, (as he is sometimes known), is responsible for all enterprise-class timeware® installations and with his ‘larger-than-life’ persona, is well-known by the majority of our customers.

Brought up in Birmingham on the tough Chelmsley Wood Estate in the 1970s, coupled with the fact the he supported Aston Villa when 95% of the Estate supported Birmingham City meant that Dave has always had to be a fast thinker!

His ‘can-do’ attitude came to the attention of timeware® MD, Simon Birchall and in 2005 he was invited to join timeware® as one of the first ‘installation engineers’ being responsible for installing hardware and configuring early timeware® 6 systems.

The back-story

After leaving school in 1981, Dave joined International Time Recorders (ITR), as a trainee Bench Engineer where he spent time working on the latest 8500 series time clocks.

Unfortunately, the following year Dave was made redundant from ITR following their acquisition by Blick Industries in July 1982. Never to be held back, within days, Dave has secured a position at PT Fabrications in Small Heath as a trainee Fabricator and Welder.

Around 1985 Dave saw an opportunity to return to the time recording industry as a Workshop Technician at Auto Time Systems (ATS) in Deritend and over the next 18 years progressed through the ranks to become an installation engineer gaining programming experience and a falir for writing VB Code.

In early 1994, ATS began selling a basic computerised attendance system called timeware® IV and 11 years later, with over 500 installations under his belt Dave was offered a job as an installation technician at timeware® UK Ltd!

Roll the clock forward to 2019 and Dave was instrumental in training the technical sales team at Stanley Security – the company that acquired Blick plc in 2003!