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The choice of attendance and access devices is now greater than ever.

Identifying the correct combination of devices for your company’s requirements has now been made easier thanks to the latest range of Suprema devices.


We strongly recommend that an attendance device incorporates a display to show the time and date but most importantly, the name of the person making the booking. There are two devices available, both offering different benefits:

The BioLite N2 has been our recommended attendance device for several years. Its robust design means that it is suitable for most environments, smart enough for an office, yet tough enough for a factory floor.

The new FaceStation F2 supports mask detection plus an optional thermal camera for measuring the skin temperature of a person’s face. The F2 resembles a large smartphone and is the latest product to be released by Suprema. Both the fingerprint and face recognition devices support a number of proximity card formats as standard.

Access control

Access control points do not usually require a display. With the introduction of the FaceStation F2, we are now able to recommend both fingerprint and face recognition as viable alternatives with different benefits. BioEntry W2’s are tough and waterproof – the perfect access device for public area and factory floors. The BioEntry P2 is an indoors only device, designed for use in offices.

Please note
Fingerprint templates are compatible with all fingerprint devices.
A person can use any combination of fingerprint, face recognition and proximity devices
on a timeware® system if required.
Face recognition should only be used indoors.

Quick Device Guide
DeviceIngress Protection
Rating (IP)
Impact Protection
Rating (IK)
FaceStation F2IP65n/aNoYesNoYesYesYesNo
BioEntry N2IP67n/aNoYesYesYesYesNoNo
BioEntry W2IP67IK09YesYesYesNoYesNoNo
BioEntry P2n/an/aNoYesNoNoYesNoNo
Tokyo TerminalPossiblePossibleNoYesYesNoNoNoYes

Ingress Protection Rating (IP) explained.
IP65 IP rated as “dust tight” and protected against
water projected from a nozzle.
IP67 IP rated as “dust tight” and protected against
immersion for 30 minutes at depths 150mm - 1000mm

Impact Protection Rating (IK) explained
IK09 - Protected against 10 joules of impact (the
equivalent to the impact of a 5kg mass dropped from
200mm above the impacted surface)