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InVentry Visitor Management System

For timeware® customers looking for an effective way to process visitors, we are pleased to announce that our latest integration development project with InVentry Visitor Management Systems is now available.

InVentry Visitor Management Overview

Managing visitors into your business can now be a seamless and speedy process with InVentry’s marketleading visitor management system.

Visitors are presented with an intuitive screen that significantly speeds up the signing in process. They can even self-service their way through to printing an ID badge that can be worn around your site.

Visitor information is stored directly in the system and allows you to accurately track who is on your site, accurately recording everyone entering or leaving your site, in case of an emergency. It provides site access in a way that safeguards those who are in your company or school, and removes the need for paper-based visitor books.


Enable contactless sign in for pre-booked visitors by utilising invitations which include a QR code for easy sign in.


Send contractors documentation before their visit to site to ensure you have all checks done before arriving.


Improve GDPR compliance with visitors and contractors information stored correctly in InVentry.

Improve health and safety with visitor management

When a visitor or contractor arrives on your site there are lots of checks and processes that need to be followed before they can fully enter the building. The InVentry visitor management and the sign-in system allows you to manage all of this from one easy to use system.

Not only does it create the right first impression by adding a modern and stylish greeting to your reception area, it enables you to walk your visitors through the signing in experience as well as being able to send pre-booked contractors and visitors all the necessary forms to fill out before arriving on-site.

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For more information about the InVentry Visitor Management System, please contact the Sales Team on +44 (0)1706 659368 or