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Backer Electrical Ltd

Backer Project Summary

Backer Electric Company Limited, founded in 1938, is the market leader in the design and manufacture of heating elements, supplying products in high volume to the majority of household brand names, producing domestic electrical appliances, spares to parts distributors and specialist elements for use in Industrial, Catering and Commercial applications.

Committed to a policy of ongoing product development in partnership with the Customer, the Company manufactures all products to the most stringent quality control procedures, meeting all of the relevant British and European standards.

We offer the Customer heating solutions to the highest standards to suit all applications and requirements, utilising the latest design technology.

Elements are designed in a variety of tube materials (Copper, Stainless, Incoloy, Inconel, Titanium, Aluminium etc.), the material selected being that most suitable to the application and the environment in which it will be operating.


The customer requirements were quite simple:  a punch-card system had been in use for many years and by 1999 the amount of time spent collating and preparing information for Payroll was becoming excessive.  A low-cost, PC based solution was required and a number of systems were considered.


The timeware solution was chosen as the most cost-effective and by mid-’99, timeware 5 (using Microsoft Access!), had been installed with two magnetic swipe terminals connected by an RS232 link through a multiplexer to a Pentium II based PC!  What followed was fourteen years of trouble free performance as timeware produced hours worked reports week-in and week out for the company.


"In late 2013, as part of their ‘customer upgrade review’, timeware decided to offer an upgrade option to Backer Electric to convert the software to timeware 2014, (now using Microsoft SQL!), and to convert the magnetic-stripe terminals to proximity utilising network connection rather than the older RS232 direct connection method!

The timeware solution has proved to be an excellent purchase with the only down-time relating to worn mag-stripe readers! An excellent product worth recommending to all!"

Paul Daffin
Paul Daffin
Managing Director

16 September 2013