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CAL Bank

Calbank Project Summary

Currently the most innovative indigenous Ghanaian Bank in Ghana, CAL Bank formerly Continental Acceptances Ltd and CAL Merchant Bank commenced operations in July 1990, providing world class financial solutions to the Ghanaian banking sector.

At CAL Bank, the promise is to deliver services you can always bank on. Our customer-centric approach in our service delivery is underpinned by the bank’s ethos of customer delight. It is out of this that the slogan ‘Bank on our service’ continuously drive the bank to play an important role in the Ghanaian financial sector by providing total banking services to personal, commercial and corporate clients in Ghana and beyond.


Employing around three hundred staff at twenty locations throughout Ghana and with expansion plans that could see the numbers grow considerably, the company needed to source a biometric attendance monitoring solution with a proven track record that was easily saleable.  A combined access control solution was also included on the ‘must-have’ list and the bank began to short-list potential systems.


Following a lengthy evaluation process, visisure (West Africa) was chosen to provide the timeware® attendance and access control solution.  What followed was a carefully co-ordinated installation as the visisure team installed twenty-three timeware® t9-5150 biometric terminals and registered the biometric data for over three hundred staff at twenty sites in Accra, Kumasi, Takoradi and beyond.  For the access control, timeware® biometric was also chosen, providing security to various management offices and server rooms.

Extensive user training was provided by visisure on the HR, attendance, access and reporting modules ensuring that CAL Bank management received the correct information at the right time.



''This large-scale implementation proves that timeware® can provide an effective attendance and access solution across wide-area networks.  The biometric have once again proved to be extremely reliable in some quite hostile environments.  The client is very happy with both the solution and the after-sales support provided by timeware’s® regional distributor, visisure (West Africa) Ltd”Visisure

Lordson Abasa-Addo
Lordson Abasa-Addo

22 July 2013