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Case Study - DTRT Apparel

DTRT Summary


A dramatic increase in manufacturing cost within China left buyers searching for a long term, more cost competitive sourcing network.  Other Asian countries have absorbed some of the volume leaving China, however this volume far exceeds what those countries can take on.

It's Time for Africa

Africa has a tremendous opportunity to emerge as the next major sourcing hub and capitalize on this industry shift. 

However, Sub Saharan African countries are still in the very early stages of developing and establishing enough resources to become competitive in the apparel manufacturing industry.  There are still many challenges that local African manufacturers face, and therefore the services these manufacturers can offer are often limited.

Time for DTRT!

DTRT Apparel bridges the gap between what global buyers need and what Africa has to offer.

DTRT offer customers a one-stop solution, delivering high quality products at extremely competitive pricing.  


Such a massive project instantly created an HR headache as the management team realised the need for a flexible, locally supported, easy to use workforce management system that could grow as required with the company.

Following on from the publicity generated by the massive CAL Bank project, DTRT turned to visisure (West Africa) Ltd to discuss their requirements and to provide a project plan and quotation.

As standard, biometric readers were suggested to ensure accuracy whilst avoiding potential ‘buddy-punching’.  The system also had to cater for an increasing number of diverse work patterns and needed to cope with the detailed absence reporting demanded by the management team.

Multiple booking points were required across one location with an option to expand to additional locations across Accra if required.


visisure has several 1000+ employee installations based in Accra, so choosing a referral site was straight forward.  A timeware® Professional workforce management system was recommended and a detailed implementation plan was drafted. DTRT required a solution that could be implemented on schedule without any additional costs. A pre-installation meeting identified a number of unique customisation requirements that were scheduled and completed within the project time limits.


What started off as a small project very quickly turned into the largest timeware® installation in sub-saharan Africa!  With over 2,300 staff ‘clocking-in’ every day, this implementation proves that timeware® biometrics perform brilliantly and that the timeware® system can cope with very large numbers of staff with complex working patterns.

Another happy customer!


Lordson Abbasa-Addo
Lordson Abasa-Addo

6 June 2016