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Honeytop Speciality Foods

Honeytop Project Summary

Honeytop Speciality Foods are the UK’s leading manufacturer of speciality baked goods including Naan, Tortilla, Pancakes and Crumpets.

Products are manufactured from their 200K sq. ft. manufacturing site, located in the heart of Bedfordshire, and is recognised as one of the most technologically advanced bakeries in Europe. Supplying their range of products under retailer own-brands, for many of the major multiples as well as the foodservice industry, convenience sector and other third party manufacturers, today Honeytop are proud to be market leaders in all of their product categories.

wrap‘The original timeware® installation consisted of a few magnetic-swipe terminals communicating through the company network to timeware® 6’, says Nish Patel.
‘This system was OK, but as the company grew and employed more staff, we realised that the cost implications and potential administrative headache of issuing new (and replacement) mag-badges would be problematic.  I approached timeware® to discuss other options – with biometrics in mind’

‘The biometric conversion took approximately four days including software upgrade to timeware® 2009.  My company has now dispensed with cards and approximately 95% of staff use biometric with 5% on PIN code.   We have now progressed to timeware® 2011 and are very happy with the system. We would definitely recommend timeware® to anyone.’

Nish Patel
Nish Patel
IT Manager – Honeytop Speciality Foods

10 June 2013