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P.P. Group

Manufacturing company increases productivity tenfold by utilising workforce management system

An Oldham-based stainless steel, aluminium, special metals profiling and fabrication firm has transformed its HR department by implementing a new workforce management system. The firm been able to dramatically improve productivity by managing employees’ time keeping with state-of-the-art attendance tracking technology.

The P.P. Group of Companies was founded in 1976 and offers a range of profiling and processing services. The business currently employs 100 people and offers bespoke products for customers in sectors including chemicals, nuclear, renewable energy, food, aerospace transport and technology.

P.P. Group has worked with timeware®, a workforce and time management solutions company based in Manchester, for over three and a half years. The company initially came across timeware® after troubleshooting ways to improve the attendance tracking of its workforce. Since then, P.P. Group has come in leaps and bounds when it comes to monitoring and tracking the attendance of its workforce after installing timeware’s attendance module. The timeware® attendance module has provided the company with the tools needed to schedule exactly where the workforce should be at any given time and how long an individual should be working for.

P.P. Group adopted the attendance module, which is one of the key modules from the timeware® Professional 2015 Package. It also covers areas such as personnel, absence management, and access control.

Steven Hughes, QHSE Director at P.P. Group, said: “To help us to update all our attendance systems, a comprehensive workforce management package was offered to us by timeware®, which was tailored towards our needs and requirements.

"To manage the start and end times of all our workers shifts, which include rotational shifts and annualised hours, we decided to install the timeware® attendance module. The module has drastically improved productivity across the whole company as employees working hours are now managed much more efficiently.
The attendance module saves our HR department hours every week and all hours worked are now scheduled and recorded more accurately so no one feels they are being treated unfairly. Prior to working with timeware® we were still using an analogue system to record hours worked. Since installing the attendance module we have considerably cut down on costs as we no longer have to purchase block cards every week."

We have been working closely with timeware® in regards to improving the present software available to us, they have listened intensely and have set aside resources to make the improvements in a very efficient manner. We believe the new software that will be available soon will enable P.P.Group to develop its staff and maintain a future proof HR system for the business.

Simon Birchall, managing director at timeware®, said: "We are so pleased that our workforce management solutions have really helped to improve productivity at P.P. Group. The attendance module is one of our most popular systems as it helps alert HR departments to several basic, yet important facts, such as who is working, who was late, have the correct hours been worked, and has all overtime been authorised?"

"Our solutions have allowed Steven and his team to concentrate their time on other areas of the business as they are safe in the knowledge that our software is managing the rest. We feel proud to know that P.P. Group has benefitted from our services for so many years and we hope they will continue to do so for many more to come".