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Rochdale Boroughwide Housing

Rochdale Housing Project Summary

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) is a membership based provider of social housing.

Rochdale Boroughwide Housing (RBH) is a membership based provider of social housing. In March 2012, following a vote of support from tenants, RBH took over the ownership of the homes formerly owned by Rochdale Council. RBH now own and manage around 13,750 homes in the borough.

RBH key points:

  • Maintains homes at the Government’s Decent Standard and improves on this standard where possible.
  • Builds new homes to meet local housing need through its charitable subsidiary, Brighter Horizons
  • Delivers a targeted and customer-focused programme of environmental works on our estates
  • Markets its specialist knowledge/services to external customers
  • Acts as an exemplar provider of housing services in the sector


RBH’s responsibility for social housing in the borough of Rochdale has increased dramatically over the past few years.  Keeping track of labour costs and ensuring that the organisation kept accurate attendance and absenteeism records for both office and off-site staff was of prime importance. It was these factors that made RBH originally turn to timeware®, a company specialising in the development and implementation of workforce management systems.


For staff based in offices around the borough, timeware® proximity terminals were installed, each providing the following employee self service facilities: hours worked or flexitime balance enquiry, holiday entitlement summary and the Email-me!

timeware® access control was also installed to provide both an audit of staff movement and a greater level of security at four Rochdale locations.

The standard RBH ID card worn on a lanyard was replaced with an RFID version so that access, attendance and staff identification was all combined into one.

Recently, for non-office based employees, for example, plumbers and joiners, a separate project was planned that integrated the client’s existing PDA based mobile worker solution with the timeware® workforce management system. Liaising with the PDA software development team, timeware® were able to provide a slick, integrated solution that allows remote workers to make attendance bookings at the start and end of the day directly from an option within the PDA based software.

Terminal server was chosen as the best method of deploying timeware® based on RBH’s existing network infrastructure. This method ensures that future upgrades to the software can be implemented with minimum downtime and enables the client to utilise the product to it’s full potential.
The calculating of attendance data is carried out automatically by the timeware® Professional 2013 software which processes data from both the static and mobile devices. This is a continuous process which ensures that the weekly attendance data for over six hundred staff is calculated efficiently, without error, on a daily basis.

‘’The previous system used old fashioned clock cards which meant the calculation process was manual and labour intensive. Moving across to timeware® means that we have up to the minute, accurate information and allows the management team to interrogate the data and produce ad-hoc reports through the Excel export facility.’

Mandy Lawrence

Mandy Lawrence

Project Leader

15 April 2013