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RPC Containers

RPC Project Summary

RPC Containers, Llantrisant produces a range of injection stretch moulded and extrusion blow moulded bottles and containers from 50ml to 2 litres for the personal care, pharmaceutical, car care, veterinary, household chemicals and lifestyle drinks markets. In addition to our standard containers, our in-house design facilities can create bespoke packs for specific customer requirements. Silk screen printing is also available.

Containers can be produced in a variety of materials, including PET, HDPE and PP, and we have particular experience in the incorporation of post consumer recycled (PCR) plastics.

The site is ISO and BRC accredited.


The company's requirements were initially attendance driven - the need for an effective time management system, preferably biometric based to eliminate both ‘buddy punching’ and the cost of proximity badges, was identified and a number of possible systems were shortlisted. Following several demonstrations to identify the systems suitability, timeware was awarded the contract and the software and hardware were installed and operators trained on HR, absence management, attendance and the extensive reporting features. Fairly soon after the initial installation, the customer’s requirements changed to include the need for biometric access control. What started off as a fairly standard installation soon encompassed both multiple biometric attendance booking points and multiple biometric access points. At this site, an interesting problem to overcome was the replacement of the existing access control hardware. The original system was hardwired, with upto one hundred metres of cable installed beneath the company carpark and loading bay, controlling two vehicle barriers. Unfortunately, the original cabling was not suitable to provide network communication for the timeware access control terminals and so an alternative method had to be considered.


The obvious choice, due to price and ease of installation, was WIFI communications. timeware technicians installed two 802.11g wireless access points inside the timeware access control terminals adjacent to each barrier and following some initial testing, the wifi comms method proved to be just a reliable as the hardwired terminals in the factory!



"Combining the company's attendance and access control systems into one package means that we now have a secure, cost effective solution that benefits from regular yearly upgrades. In my experience, timeware take an active interest in customer suggestions which means that the product development is primarily user driven. timeware was a great choice - highly recommended to any company requiring a biometric workforce management solution."

Bram Fischer
Bram Fischer
Human Resources Manager

17 June 2013