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Sysco Group

Sysco Group praise new biometric workforce management system

A Liverpool-based premier training and consultancy company increased staff efficiency after implementing a new workforce management system which enables administration staff to monitor employee’s hours, holidays, sickness and flexi-time more effectively.

The Sysco Group, which incorporates Sysco Business Skills Academy and Brighter Futures, is the largest Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) training provider in the North West of England. It provides apprenticeships, traineeships, workplace learning, unemployed support and employer skills fund training for young people and adults throughout the region.

Sysco was introduced to timeware®, a workforce and time management solutions company based in Manchester, in order to ensure flexitime was managed better. The management team at Sysco, which has over 70 members of staff, also wanted help with recording holidays, sickness and absence because existing systems were inefficient and sometimes inaccurate.

A spokesperson at Sysco, said: ”Recording our employees working hours can be quite complicated because all of our employees are contracted to do flexitime hours. People are constantly moving in and out of the building so we needed something that would track people’s movements accurately.

”With 70 members of staff split over two companies it’s vital that we keep track of each employee’s working hours and absences including sickness and time-off, to make things easier when it comes to things like payroll and holiday entitlement. The timeware® biometric employee attendance system has enabled us to do this with greater efficiency allowing us to record working hours, sick days, and absences and calculate holiday entitlements more precisely.

”This makes things a lot easier for the business and means everyone is treated in the same way. Motivation and fairness in the workplace is a big priority for us and, so it’s great that timeware® has provided a solution to help with this. Every employee at Sysco knows their hours are recorded accurately, in the same way and using the same methods.”

The biometric employee attendance software, part of the timeware® Professional Package, uses fingerprint identification in order to track employee’s whereabouts throughout the working day. The software can cope with any type of work pattern and calculate overtime using its unique script engine.  

The initial installation of the new system at Sysco was overseen by timeware®, while the business also ran the training programme for all employees as well as the ongoing support package. All the staff members have been fully trained on the new equipment so they are aware of how the system works and the new procedures in place.

Simon Birchall, managing director at timeware®, said: ”The management team at Sysco understand the benefits of flexitime, but realised the firm needed a robust procedure in place to ensure they were tracking everyone’s movements effectively. With over 70 members of staff, it’s important that it has a trouble-free system in place to maintain accurate records of its employees working hours.

”With so many companies opting for flexitime or rotational shifts nowadays, we’ve developed a piece of software that makes these methods a lot easier to put into practise. The timeware® biometric solution has made Sysco’s whole process of recording flexitime hours more precise, ensuring that each employee is treated fairly and equally.”

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