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Wheelbase Engineering Ltd

Wheelbase Project Summary

Transfering data from the shop-floor into sage accounts in real-time with zero errors was the target. 

timeware®2013 provided the solution...


Wheelbase Engineering Ltd is a long established family company that in the early days did exactly that, modify or ‘re-engineer’ the wheelbase’s or truck chassis’.  Over recent years, chassis’ have developed at such a rate that they are scarcely comparable with those of just a few years ago, sporting high levels of sophistication in every aspect of their design. This increase in sophistication has created a need for the likes of Wheelbase Engineering Ltd whom have grown up in parallel with the truck manufacturers and are capable of offering the same service levels to ever more demanding customers purchasing chassis from a world market dominated by Europe and the Far East.


The client required an effective method of passing project and resource details from their sage accounts package directly into timeware®, enabling staff to book onto valid jobs and operations  More importantly, the client also required that the data captured by timeware®  be passed back into sage projects for reporting and and costing purposes.  The existing version of timew are®, installed in 2000, had very primitive  integration capabilities but discussions with the manufacturer’s development team revealed that the newer, SQL based version could achieve this objective and it was this information that led management to authorise the conversion to timeware® 2013.


timeware® are an approved sage development partner and so providing
this type of integration was easy to achieve.  Discussions between the timeware® development team and Wheelbase management were conducted both in person and by telephone with details confirmed and approved by email before the integration scripts were developed.  

The actual conversion process was completed over four days and included importing over ten years of archive data from both the attendance and job costing modules, policy commissioning and user training


We now have an integrated ‘sage timeware®-sage’ solution that has eliminated the need to re-key data into each package. The time savings are significant but more importantly, the elimination of erroneous data entries means we can confidently rely on the information provided by the systems.

Chris Pickles

Director - Wheelbase Engineering Ltd

22 April 2013