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This is timeware’s flagship module, developed over many years to provide an accurate solution for processing attendance data.

The module supports a number of well-known work pattern methodologies including standard, flexitime and rotating shifts which may be planned up to 52 weeks in advance. Grace times and roundings are standard features along with numerous work-break categories. The module also supports an extremely comprehensive range of overtime calculation standards. There are also many ways to authorise overtime with email alerts and on-screen warnings if the payroll deadline is approaching and overtime has not been approved.

What makes the timeware® attendance module unique are the customisation features made possible through the timeware® scripting engine. During the project, a member of our implementation team will work with your representatives to fully understand your business’s attendance processing requirements before providing a fully documented report.

Tokyo TerminalAttendance PlannerAttendance - Daily Schedule

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Attendance - AdjustmentAttendance - Period Schedules

For more information, please contact timeware® customer care on +44 (0)1706 659368