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Cost centre analysis

Different rates of pay for different processes are no problem for timeware’s new cost centre analysis module.

cost centre analysiscost centre analysis - remuneration

Do your employees have different rates of pay depending on the cost centre they are working in? If so, timeware’s cost centre analysis module and enhanced remuneration feature are now available to identify the amount of time, and the labour cost, of the work.

Specifying the cost centre can be achieved in a number of ways: some companies choose to install separate terminals in each cost centre whilst other companies require that the employee selects the correct cost centre from a list on the terminal screen.

A timeware® Implementation Specialist will help the customer to identify the preferred method and will then produce a specification for the development team, enabling suitable scripts to be produced, providing a solution that fits the clients exact requirements.

cost centre analysis - adjustment


Tokyo Terminal

cost centre analysis - Selecting a cost centre
Selecting a cost centre

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