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ESS at the terminal

Accessed through a timeware® Tokyo terminal, the capacity and scope of the facility is second to none.

timeware® ESS – empowering your employees

The following ESS functions are available as standard the Tokyo terminal:

Tokyo Terminal

Absence management

Holiday entitlement request – individuals can check their holiday entitlement including number of holidays taken, holiday requests pending approval and remaining days.
Absence leave request – Individuals can request leave up to three years in advance. These requests are posted directly to the individual’s manager’s timeware® agenda for approval.
Absence leave cancellation – Individuals can request cancellation of previously approved leave.


View my scheduled rota – individuals can now check what daily schedules they are planned to work, up to 31 days in advance.
Hours worked summary – individuals can select a previous period and check their hours worked at basic plus other overtime rates. Individual booking times can also be displayed.


Email-me! - This popular facility will instantly send an email to the individual’s personal email address containing, rota, hours worked and absence management information.


By creating an interactive framework that shares intelligence between the hardware, firmware and software, the ESS facility is not only able to act as a portal enabling access to key information, it now offers the ability for individuals to initiate requests and to confirm questions from terminal.

timeware’s highly developed scripting language is now flexible enough to enable leave requests to be made from the terminal, messages to be sent to individuals, confirmation of message reads to be sent back to management and it is even possible to create integration links to third party system so information from different sources appears seamlessly at one point.


ESS at the computer, tablet and mobile phone

Accessed via a web browser on PCs, tablets and mobile phones make the ESS available to even more of your workforce.

timeware® ESS – empowering your employees

As the workplace becomes increasingly diverse, it is not always practical for employees to ‘book’ at a conventional, wall mounted terminal. In these types of situations, timeware® ESS can be used to provide an extensive range of functions accessible from both your company intranet or directly from the internet.

Attendance DashboardESS - Attendance timesheet mobile

ESS Dashboards

About me

  • Display address and next of kin details

  • Display employee’s training matrix

  • Display employment appraisal and achievement information

  • View company documents

Absence management

  • Graphical display of holidays booked, holidays taken and holidays remaining on login screen

  • Facility for staff to check their own entitlement and remaining holiday balance

  • Ability to check who else in their department has booked time-off before requesting their own time-off


  • GPS location stored at the point of booking

  • Graphical display of basic and overtime hours worked for each day this week

  • Adding a booking in real-time or retrospectively

  • Facility to check work rotas

Job costing

  • Adding a booking in real-time or retrospectively

  • Facility to view timesheet

Cost centre analysis

  • Adding a booking in real-time or retrospectively

  • Facility to view timesheet

For more information, please contact timeware® customer care on +44 (0)1706 659368