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Fire alarm roll call / Assembly point

Did you know that your fire monitoring system can be connected to your timeware® workforce management solution to produce an accurate roll-call report in the event of an emergency?

An increasing number of businesses have introduced this simple feature to ensure the health and safety of their employees.

The way this feature works is very simple: the roll-call facility within timeware® gathers information from different sources – from attendance terminals, from access terminals, from assembly points and from the ESS. This information is processed continuously to ensure that the roll-call list is kept permanently up-to date. Using this roll-call list allows timeware® to produce roll-call reports on demand as required.

In the event of the company fire alarm being activated, the timeware® alarm monitor will instantly instruct the software to automatically send a roll-call report to either a network printer or to a number of pre-set email addresses. The fire alarm roll call service will continue to monitor alarm signals and will never require resetting.

Fire alarm roll call / Assembly point...

Designed to compliment the fire alarm monitor, assembly point terminals can provide an effective method of recording who has safely vacated the building in the event of a fire.

By positioning Suprema BioEntry W2s in external safe-zones, staff simply present their id badge or finger to prove that they have reached the safe area. The attendance display panel (ADP), will instantly list the staff in the safe zones with a real-time update providing an accurate view of staff remaining outside these area.

Alternatively, assembly point terminals can be used to prove that an individual has reached a particular area, for example: someone has arrived for work, is in the building for roll call purposes, but has not yet ‘booked’ for attendance.

The Suprema BioEntry W2 supports up to 25,000 employees, providing an accurate solution for even the largest companies.

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