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Reports and exports

The ability to provide each client with a unique, customisable solution makes the timeware® workforce management system the obvious choice.

timeware’s® major strength is its customisation ability -there are no other products in the same market sector that offer such a high level of personalisation.

The timeware® report module provides over 160 clear and concise user editable reports, forms and graphs as standard. The timeware® export module provides an easy way to pass raw timeware® data to an external application such as Microsoft Excel for further data mining or to simply develop an ad-hoc report.

timeware® customisation points appear throughout the package and along with the timeware® SmartBooking® technology provide the development team the facility to create unique solutions. For further information about timeware® customisation, please contact the timeware® team to arrange an appointment.

Over 160 pre-defined reports tried and tested by the timeware® community.

A variety of exports designed to work with Microsoft Excel

For more information, please contact timeware® customer care on +44 (0)1706 659368