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timeware® (UK) Ltd GDPR statement:

  1. timeware® will delete or return all personal data to the customer at the end of their contract;

  2. timeware® will assist all customers when responding to any request under the GDPR and providing access to an individual’s personal data;

  3. timeware® will take appropriate measures to ensure the security of personal data;

  4. timeware® will not transfer any personal data for processing in a country outside of the European Union;

  5. timeware® will only act on the customer’s written instructions (unless legally required to act without the customer’s prior instructions);

  6. timeware® will at all times ensure that all people engaged in data processing are under a strict duty of confidentiality;

  7. timeware® will only engage a sub-processor with the customer’s prior written consent and sub-processor must be subject to a written agreement which meets all the requirements of the customer’s contract;

  8. timeware® will assist the customer in meeting their obligations under the GDPR, in particular, their obligations relating to security of processing, the notification of personal data breaches and data protection impact assessments;

  9. timeware® will submit to audits and inspections, provide the customer with whatever information needed to ensure both organisations meet their respective obligations under Article 28 GDPR (written processor agreement);

  10. We will inform the customer whenever we are asked to do something with the personal data provided to us which might infringe the GDPR or other applicable data protection laws.

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Simon Birchall

Managing Director – timeware (UK) Ltd