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Integrating with the world’s leading security system reinforces timeware’s position as an enterprise class workforce management solution.

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Genetec is a world class provider of IP-based security solutions. From CCTV, physical access control through to vehicle barrier control and ANPR, Genetec can provide resilient, connected solutions for every market sector.


timeware® is an official Genetec technology partner and has developed an integration that sits seamlessly between timeware® Professional and the Genetec Security Centre. This integration eliminates ‘duplicate entry’ and allows employees and some basic credentials created in timeware® to be passed directly to Genetec. Employee attendance booking data collected by the Genetec system is passed through to timeware® and processed to create hours worked information. Similarly, employee access data collected by the Genetec system may be passed back to timeware® and may be viewed alongside the hours worked data in the timeware® adjustment screen.

Device agnostic

Proximity, biometric or barcode readers? The integration is ‘device agnostic’ which means that it will work with data captured by any technology connected to the Genetec system.

Introduce the timeware®/Genetec integration to reduce time and reduce stress.

Annual licence

The Genetec integration is enabled by an annual licence.

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