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Access Control Module
Access Control Module
Access Control Module
Access Control Module

timeware® access control brings you indispensable security, protecting that which is most important - your people and your property.

Simple to use but extremely effective, timeware® access control is installed at many companies across the UK and West Africa.

timeware® access control can be used to control doors, barriers and gates. Our team of access control specialists will carry out the install in a quick and efficient manner with the minimum amount of disruption to your workplace.

timeware® access control - you decide who goes where and at what time!

Management information:

  • What time people left the site rather than the time they finished work.
  • Who has attempted to access the site outside permitted hours.
  • Full auditing is available.
  • When a contractor completes a job or when an individual leaves employment, they will not be able to access your building.

Security guard features:

  • Keep track of your employees with real time monitoring.
  • Alert feature on your to-do list will notify you immediately of failed entry attempts, doors that are ajar and doors that have been forced.
  • Keep an archive of all door activity for future reference.
  • Quick employee disable feature.