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Employees can download the app directly from the App Store or Google Play.

Once the ESS GO feature is enabled at a company level, employees can be given access to the following features:

  • View their work rota.
  • View leave entitlement and remaining balance.
  • Make leave requests.
  • View hours worked from previous periods.
  • Check their flexi balance.

App users that work away from their business can also make ‘off-site’ attendance bookings that capture the time, date and geo-location.

The ESS GO app is also compatible with timeware® Pucks.

ESS GO utilises the NMD3 Reach cloud to store data.

ESS GO and NFC pucks

timeware® Puck

A timeware® Puck is the perfect attendance point for locations where the cost of a traditional ‘clocking-in’ device is prohibitive or where network or power is unavailable. Each timeware® Puck incorporates an NFC tag which allows them to be ‘read’ by all modern smart phones running the ESS GO app from a distance of about 4cm.

If you have low numbers of staff working in a retail shop, a remote warehouse or any isolated area, why not consider expanding your timeware® system to incorporate timeware® Pucks and ESS GO. Remember that each timeware® system can support any number of timeware® Pucks so now multiple locations become easily affordable.