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Payroll Module
payroll Module
payroll Module
payroll Module

timeware® are an official Sage Development Partner and as such, we are able to provide an approved integration to your Sage payroll software.

timeware® incorporates an authorised, Sage payroll integration.

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Every company has a deadline for running the payroll yet how many times has the deadline had to be delayed due to line-managers failing to approve overtime?

timeware® includes a 'payroll reminder' to-do list item. Set by the timeware® administrator, this feature provides an hourly countdown of the oncoming payroll deadline!

Once the timeware® payroll integration has transferred the hours worked, the to-do list item highlights the date and time of the successful Payroll integration.

Following the payroll run, it's time to lockdown the historic data. The timeware® administrator can protect data up to a specified date, therefore eliminating any manual amendments. The historic lockdown is password protected.