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timestart® is the perfect solution for business owners requiring a simple way to track employee attendance and holiday entitlement. Using this software means no more time-sheets and no more holiday request forms!

The timestart® software includes Personnel, Absence Management, Attendance and Reports & Dashboards modules, plus a one year Sage payroll integration licence.

Staff use a mobile app called ESS GO to record their arrival and departure times by simply holding their phone near the timeware® Puck. The attendance information is stored in the cloud and passed back to your HQ allowing your timestart® software to calculate the hours worked. It’s really that simple!

ESS GO is a unique game-changer, enabling staff to check their work rotas, overtime worked and most importantly request leave!

To find out more about the features of timeware® timestart 2021 please contact our Sales Team on +44 (0)1706 659368

timeware timestart


timestart 1 to 3 users

Upto 3 users
Upto 50 employee records

Low cost hardware
Includes one timeware® Puck*

Annual cost
ESS GO licence £250 (from year 2)
Managed service £300 (from year 2)

Payroll Integration
Sage integration pointEarnie integration pointPegasus integration point

*Additional Pucks available POA. Call sales on +44 (0)1706 659368 for more information

timeware timestart

The following modules are included in a timestart® installation

timeware Professional Modules
ESS GO and NFC Attendance Puck

ESS GO and NFC timeware® Pucks

A low cost biometric attendance solution utilising your employees smartphones running the ESS GO app.

timeware® Pucks replace the traditional attendance device bringing time management into the 21st Century.