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Supports multiple documents and can be viewed in both card and grid format.

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A pivotal moment in our journey is on the horizon, and we can't wait to share it with you. Circle December 2025 on your calendar - because that's when we take a monumental leap with timeware® in the Cloud

The Perfect Fusion:

Picture this - the powerful customisation you adore in timeware® Professional now combined with the sheer agility of a web-based platform. It's the blend we've all been waiting for, promising both robustness and flexibility.

We will shortly be releasing three documents covering timeware® in the cloud security, infrastructure, and features.

Unbounded Accessibility:

Whether you're cozying up with your Windows PC, on the move with your iOS gadget, or navigating with your Android device, timeware® is right there with you. Just connect to the internet, and voila! - the world of timeware® opens up, wherever you might be.



Smooth Sailing Transition:

We sense the butterflies! Moving from a tried-and-tested on-premise setup to this brand-new cloud adventure might feel overwhelming. But guess what? You're not alone on this voyage. To ensure you glide smoothly into this new realm, we're extending a complimentary transition service. During your next system performance review, a seasoned timeware® expert will be right beside you, outlining the migration steps, answering your questions, and ensuring you're cloud-ready!

Workforce absence calendar.

Workforce absence calendar

Ready for Tomorrow:

The cloud is not just a technology; it's the future of workforce management. As we adapt and grow, timeware® is committed to offering the tools and platforms that keep you ahead in the game. Stay connected, dear user group! The sky's not the limit; it's just the beginning. More exhilarating updates are on the way. Hold tight and get ready to ascend!



Remember that timeware® managed service includes the migration from on-premise to cloud plus all customisation, free of charge. Hosting charges have yet to be set