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Nathan Price and Simon Birchall

Technical director Nathan Price and Managing Director Simon Birchall

There's been a buzz in our community about the affiliations and interplay between NMD3 Hosting Ltd and timeware® UK Ltd. So, we're here to shed some light on the topic for our valued customers.

A Trio Under One Umbrella

Simon Birchall and Nathan Price aren't just accomplished entrepreneurs but visionaries who co-own three flourishing ventures: timeware® UK Ltd, NMD3 Develop Ltd, and NMD3 Hosting Ltd.

We hope this article brings clarity to the interconnected world of timeware® UK Ltd and the NMD3 entities. Always remember, while each has its unique responsibility, they're all working in harmony to enhance your timeware® experience!

timeware Professional

timeware® UK Ltd:

When it comes to everything timeware®, this is your go-to. They oversee the A to Z of timeware® workforce management solutions, from marketing and sales to setup and post-sales support. Remember the managed service invoices you receive annually? They come from here. And if you're ever in need of expanding your timeware® arsenal or need any technical guidance, you're dialing into the expert zone of time and attendance.

NMD3 Develop

NMD3 Develop Ltd:

The digital architects behind our beloved platforms, timeware® Professional, ESS GO, and timeware® in the cloud, call this business home. They're the dedicated software engineers making sure your timeware® experience is nothing short of seamless.

NMD3 Hosting

NMD3 Hosting Ltd:

The backbone that ensures the apps you use run like a charm, especially in the Azure-hosted space. While they currently optimise the ESS GO app, there's a buzz about 2025: they'll be taking under their wing the performance of both timeware® in the cloud and the successor to the ESS GO app. Plus, a heads up - this is where your monthly hosting bills originate from. These are the maestros of Azure cloud.

If you are interested in taking part in this legacy device replacement program, please contact Charlotte Kavanagh on support@timeware.co.uk or call +44 (0)1706 658222