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Suprema devices
Suprema device - overview

Keeping technology current in your business is crucial for leveraging new security features, reflecting the management's commitment to time recording and workplace security.

Legacy Device Replacement Program

timeware® Professional software, compatible with Suprema biometric and proximity devices, offers an opportune moment to upgrade your legacy attendance systems. Embrace cutting-edge face authentication, fingerprint, and proximity devices to enhance efficiency and security.

This proactive approach not only boosts your operational capabilities but also signals to your workforce the importance placed on maintaining a secure, modern work environment. The integration of these advanced technologies streamlines processes and fortifies security measures, ensuring a safer, more efficient workplace.

Two-week free trial

timeware® UK Ltd is delighted to offer an exclusive two-week trial of Suprema Inc. attendance devices to our esteemed customers currently using legacy attendance and access control hardware. This special offer provides an opportunity to evaluate the most advanced attendance technology available, including face authentication, fingerprint biometrics, and proximity features.

Each trial includes a professional setup by an experienced technician, who will also help in registering employees' biometric or proximity information for immediate application. Please be aware that a network point with PoE (Power over Ethernet) capability is required for this service.

This trial offers timeware® clients a superb opportunity to understand the benefits of the latest attendance devices and learn how they can greatly improve workforce management and operational efficiency.

Step 1 Contact customer care for a quote to replace your legacy attendance terminals.

Step 2 Arrange a Teams demonstration of face recognition, fingerprint, and proximity devices.

Step 3 Arrange a free two-week trial including installation by a technician who enrols employees' biometric or proximity data. (A network point that supports PoE is required.)

Step 4 Like the tech? Purchase replacement devices as and when your budget allows.

If you are interested in taking part in this legacy device replacement programme, please contact Head of Customer Care, Charlotte Kavanagh on or call +44 (0)1706 658222