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timeware ESS App.

For your workforce: the ESS app

The timeware® ESS app, a standard and integral component of timeware® cloud, revolutionises workforce management. It offers an array of features designed to streamline operations and enhance communication. Users can effortlessly manage leave, view shift rotas, and update timesheets. Essential documents, training matrices, and upcoming events are all readily accessible, ensuring everyone is informed and prepared. The app introduces two innovative features: the Marketplace, where users can request specific shifts or swap shifts with colleagues, and the Conversation Hub, a fully audited platform enabling seamless communication between the workforce and their managers. This comprehensive tool will transform how teams interact and operate.

No additional charge. Included as standard with timeware® cloud.

timeware Fire Marshall app.

For your Fire Marshall: the Fire Marshall app

The Fire Marshall app is a vital safety feature included as standard with timeware® cloud, designed to enhance emergency response protocols. In the event of a fire or drill, this app is instrumental in ensuring everyone's safety. As individuals reach a designated safe zone outside the work premises, the Fire Marshall can confirm their safety with a simple right swipe on the person's image and name within the app, whether they're an employee or visitor. This efficient, realtime tracking provides peace of mind and a structured approach to managing safety during critical situations, making it an essential tool for any workplace.

No additional charge. Included as standard with timeware® cloud.

Remember that timeware® managed service includes the migration from on-premise to cloud plus all customisation, free of charge. Hosting charges have yet to be set