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ABP Food Group

abp Project Summary

RWM Food Group are proud to be recognised as one of Europe’s top food processors, dedicated to beef and lamb production in the heart of the West Country.

The RWM Food Group procures beef and lamb directly from farmers and uses a dedicated livestock team to manage supply effectively. More recently the RWM Food Group has strategically developed Blade Farming to improve meat quality and improve farmer returns. The Group has retail, wholesale, export and food service customers, producing meat primals to ready meals.



RWM Attendance requirements were fairly standard for a company with over three hundred staff.  Attendance information needed to be collected efficiently and processed against predefined work patterns outlined by the HR department.  Absence monitoring, including holiday tracking was another area of importance giving managers the ability to accept or decline leave requests based both on department attendance and employee holiday entitlement.


‘The original installation was a timeware® 6 system used for monitoring employee attendance’, says Darren Phillips, Group IT Manager for Romford Wholesale Meats.  ‘As the numbers of employees increased, so did our T&A requirements and within a year we began discussions with timeware® about expanding the system to include additional attendance terminals and an access controller for the reception door.  Over the following years, as employee numbers increased,  we continued to add additional access points, including turnstiles at the employee entrance. "


"We now have timeware® installed at two locations in the South-West with six attendance and nine access terminals.  We are extremely happy with the product and would recommend timeware® to anyone looking for an integrated attendance/access system."

Darren Philips
Darren Phillips
Group I.T. Manager
Romford Wholesale Meats

23 May 2013