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Expertravel & Tours

Expertravel Project Summary

Expertravel & Tours Ltd., is a member of the Hogg Robinson Worldwide Network and trades as HRG Ghana. They offer a wide variety of travel management services and tour packages that cater for both the business traveller and the holidaymaker.

Expertravel & Tours is one of the leading tour operators in Ghana. They have created a list of excursions, package tours and pleasure tours that enable you to travel through Ghana and experience quality tourism in Africa. Customers are advised to simply sit back, relax and enjoy the diverse culture of Ghana. The tours are highly recommended and Expertravel guarantee that visiting Ghana will be an experience of a lifetime.


From modest beginnings in the mid ‘90s, Expertravel have grown to become a ‘leading light’ in Ghanaian and Sub-Saharan organised travel. With that growth came the usual problems, namely the need to effectively monitor employee attendance and absenteeism. Increasing numbers of staff meant that a computerised solution was essential and so a project management team was tasked with identifying a suitable product, preferably one with a good reputation with local referral sites and extensive local support.


‘timeware’s regional associate partner, visisure (West-Africa) Ltd, was approached to provide the necessary referral sites and to organise a thorough demonstration. A timeware industrial biometric terminal was recommended along with timeware 6 software. The demonstration was carried out at the client’s offices using sample data to highlight the extensive holiday entitlement facilities. The biometric terminal was also demonstrated and proved 100% reliable for all staff. Winning the contract, installing the system and training staff was only the start of the business relationship. After six years of excellent service, Expertravel are still supported locally by visisure and have recently been upgraded to timeware 2013. Other upgrades are planned for the future as new versions of the software are released annually by timeware (UK) Ltd. "


“After six years of flawless performance, the timeware solution has paid for itself several times over. A great product supplied and maintained by a knowledgeable local company. We definitely made the correct choice installing a timeware system!’’

Monica Baeta
Mrs. Monica Baeta – MD

24 June 2013